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Tech Support Land's Official Site!!!
SAMIRayglon (11)

This is the official site of my amazing discord!!! We currently have over 50 members and we are still growing!!!!

My friend found the code of this website, so i used it to make this

SAMIRayglon (11)

@ch1ck3n Lol, It was inspired by that site, but it is noticeably different and I have worked with techy before, im pretty sure he didn't create that site originally

brokentoken (58)

yeah, ok. But still you used his code. But whatever. @SAMIRayglon

SAMIRayglon (11)

@FrancisPan Thanks for checking out my site! Glad you loved it!


The CSS on this site is amazing

ch1ck3n (2054)

haha 80s synthwave pop background go brr

seriously, nice css

Whippingdot (657)

Cool CSS

Also I like the background music - but maybe you could play it on all four pages..?

SAMIRayglon (11)

@Whippingdot Thanks, I'll get to work on it right away

Brendan23 (166)

@SAMIRayglon Would love to join but it's discord is blocked. :(

brokentoken (58)

awww the css. :) really nice. Is it open source. Like can I use it.

SAMIRayglon (11)

@brokentoken Sure! Just make it unique!

JakeHu2020 (21)

Great job, but that exposes your email to hackers on replit.

SAMIRayglon (11)

@JakeHu2020 it's a support email, but I'll take it down

BrysonVan1 (11)

Very nice CSS, only issue I had was some of the nav links were broken on the About page

SAMIRayglon (11)

@BrysonVan1 thanks! But yeah, I tried fixing it, but it wouldn't work, so I just left it

SAMIRayglon (11)

Btw, if you allow auto play on firefox, the site will play some relaxing music 🎵