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armalyn (1)

1. Create an HTML from the sample HTML source code indicated in page 3-4 of this tasks, name it using the syntax “tasksheet31_familyname.html”
Internal style section
2. In body selector font-family must be ”Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif” and color must be “white”.
3. .header CSS selector add a background-color set to ”#32a4e7”
4. .row CSS selector add a display set to “flex”
5. .column CSS selector add flex set to 1.
6. For #c1 set the background-color to ”#aaa”, #c2 set to “#bbb”, and #c3 set to “#ccc”.
7. .footer add a center alignment for text
External CSS
8. Create a CSS file along with the HTML file and name it styles.css
9. In <style> section of the HTML file, move all CSS styles and codes to styles.css
10. Remove the <style></style> tag in HTML file.
11. Create a link of styles.css to the HTML file.
12. Follow the trainer’s instructions on how to submit your output.