Five Nights at Freddy's 2 remake

Since the FNaF 1 remake was a complete dumpster fire, I decided to try and remake the second game, since it is better than the first in my opinion.

And it turned out pretty good

I added sounds, and I also made text art (everything except for the jumpscare art is mine.)

How to play

The animatronics will try to get into your office. If they do, they will jumpscare you, and you die.

To fend them off, you have a Freddy Fazbear head. Most of the animatronics can be fended off by putting on the mask when they are in the office, but make sure to be fast, or they will still jumpscare you!
(If you find an animatronic in the vent/hall before it goes into the office, you have a larger amount of time to put on the mask.)

Keep in mind, not all of the animatronics will be fooled by the mask!

Withered Foxy comes into the hall, and if you don't shine the light on him fast enough, he will jumpscare you.

Marionette (or The Puppet) will be in the Prize Corner and will stay there, so long as you keep the Music Box wound up. If it winds all the way down, she will come after you. There is nothing you can do when this happens, so MAKE SURE to keep the music box wound up!

Oh yeah, Balloon Boy!
BB is the only animatronic who doesn't jumpscare you. Instead, he will come through the left vent, and if you don't catch him in the office in time (by putting on the mask), he will disable your flashlight and lights for a bit.

Your flashlight battery will go down after a while. Looking at the main hall makes your flashlight battery worse.


w: shine flashlight at hallway
a: use light at left vent
d: use light at right vent
s: check cameras
spacebar: put on/take off mask
f: chill and do nothing
q: wind music box (when on cams)
e: flash flashlight (when looking at hall)

Headphone warning

It's pretty loud, you might not want to have it on 100% volume...

Thanks to @19wintersp for helping me out with playing sound!

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