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Kopamed (192)

I decided to show the exponential growth of the virus to make people more aware of how infecting one person can lead to infecting tens of thousands in 2 months.

Hello, in case you did not read the comment section: here is why the world reacted late to the coronavirus pandemic. We discovered the new virus, but it we thought it would continue growing at a small pace like it did the first 30 days. It turned out it grew at an exponentional growth. This kind of growth is so fast and sudden, humans are not able to predict when it will stop. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD STAY AT HOME. You get infected, you pass on the infection to another person, and in a few weeks, things just go downhill, (or uphill if you want to be mathematicly correct). SO I AM ONCE GAIAN ASKING YOU TO WASH YOUR HANDS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND ALWAYS WEAR A MASK AND GLOVES WHEN OUT OF THE HOUSE. BY DOING THIS, you can save tens of thousands like shown in the graph. Thank you

studentAlfredAl (446)

Pretty good project and way to put it into perspective.

Bookie0 (6281)

The 🦠 (virus) is bad

chippycoder08 (16)

I wish everyone could think the same way. Totally agree with you @Kopamed!

Kopamed (192)

Cool, Ill check it out @Rikot

DynamicSquid (4919)

10 cycle special...
0 cycle special...

what's next?

nullptr cycle special?


Kopamed (192)

Id would help me out a lot if you would upvote this please @DynamicSquid

oignons (68)

Thank you for this. This is a good way to show why preventive measures are taken.

oignons (68)

@Kopamed Yep, forgot to upvote, just did now :P
I'm so happy that there are people here taking this seriously, not saying that it is just the flu.

Kopamed (192)

@ipastrano You also forgot to upvote your own comment. :)