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InvisibleOne (2681)


Get to level ten to win


Click on the pickaxe to mine, then sell the things that you mine. Save up until you can buy miners or auto drills. Once you get enough cash, you can move to the next level!


When you move to the next level, you loose your auto drills and miners. However, it does give you another mine, which increases your diggings by 5x!
Have fun!

DynamicSquid (4635)

Cool! But I think it's a little broken... if you clikc on level 0, you go intantly to level 10

InvisibleOne (2681)

Hmm, I seems to be working for me, I think it was acting like it was a string, and then just adding 1 to the zero. @DynamicSquid

InvisibleOne (2681)

@DynamicSquid, Did you see the win message?

InvisibleOne (2681)

Never mind all that other stuff @DynamicSquid I just figured out what was wrong. I had originally made it like that so I could test the win screen. I forgot to remove that, it's fixed now.

Smart0ne (731)

Nice game! It's so hard though... you have to grind.

InvisibleOne (2681)

Which is why I use an auto clicker... @Smart0ne

Smart0ne (731)

Wait, what do miners do?

InvisibleOne (2681)

They mine one thing per second. An auto drill does 50, and another mine, which you need another level to get, multiplies all your stuff by 5, then 10, then 15 and so on. @Smart0ne