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Survive the Waves!
Muffinlavania (1530)

Welcome to Survival!

This is not a super high effort game, it is just something that I threw together.

How to Play

Right Arrow/D : Move Right
Left Arrow/A : Move Left
Q: Start Game

The Objective of this game is to survive all 5 rounds! If you get hit once, you will lose! Move around and avoid getting hit! Every wave the enemies will multiply, getting faster, and the boundaries will shrink as well! On Wave 4, enemies will spawn closer to the player, and Wave 5 they spawn at y 0, so watch out!

Also You should full-screen the window that you play in!

I did not find any bugs, except for a minor one which has to do with boundary manipulation

Bookie0 (6406)

oof I never can reach that level lol @Muffinlavania

Muffinlavania (1530)

@Bookie0 Ive beaten level 5 like 20 times
Ooof well is it fun?

Bookie0 (6406)

yea its fun, but a shame you cant put more shapes :/ @Muffinlavania

Muffinlavania (1530)

@Bookie0 i know, you cant even put squares...

Muffinlavania (1530)

@Bookie0 im pretty sure turtle shell, like the main thing for coding python with turtle, has many more shapes, and you can even stretch them, but repl doesn't ;(

Bookie0 (6406)

Nice job, maybe try different color circles, also you can add different shapes, like triangles that can be "missiles"; instead of randomly falling, they will keep on following you for a short period of time. You should also be possible to move up and down, thus being able to move around from missiles ;)

Muffinlavania (1530)

@Bookie0 you cant actually make triangle shaped turtles, you can only do arrows, a turtle, or a circle which is kinda dumb (Thats why you cant do pong on repl)

Bookie0 (6406)

oh thats annoying -- maybe try pygame or HTML...? @Muffinlavania

Muffinlavania (1530)

@Bookie0 pygame is WAY too annoying, HTML has javascript which i have no idea about, so maybe some time in the future?

JosephSanthosh (990)

Maybe if the animation was a little nicer and colorful. Good Job!

Muffinlavania (1530)

@JosephSanthosh The animation actually will get smoother if you have a better computer. I do this on a laptop, so its pretty weird, but if you had a really good desktop computer, you could get it to all be very smooth