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Survival Simulator
KobeFF (1260)

Based off of CodingCatus's Cactus Simulator, Survival Simulator is a game where you are stranded in a forest. At the end of every week, You must choose what to focus your time and energy on. Survive a year to win! I used Ruby to do this project because everything I make in Python sucks :P.

Credits to CodingCatus for inspiration and ASCII Art Forums for the cool ASCII art.

Feel free to comment suggestions, and be sure to tell me if it's too hard!

Dedicated to @Zuhdi28.

Bookie0 (5965)

Hey, nice work i like it. The only thing i would recommend is adding a text that says that you died because of lack of water or lack of energy etc. Because as you can see on the screenshot down below, the program just finishes just like that

But otherwise niiiice i like it !


It's dedicated to me????
And it's so cool!

JoyXinran (1)

Very fun game! I especially loved the text art you included. I think I would recommend that you can put more specific game rules in the beginning. I know we can know the rules from the written code, but you can also add the survival rules, like "Hunting: Food +7, water -5, energy -5", etc. in the beginning so we know the basics. Otherwise we may die without even knowing what happened, right? Otherwise, I loved your game! Thank you!

BlueComet (116)

Nice job. Maybe you could make it like a simulator and a text adventure combined so theirs a different scenario sometimes. But overall Great Job :)

PXY (39)

The text art was really touching, and the game was quite enjoyable. Took six attempts to finally get through D:

KobeFF (1260)

@PXY Lol. Should I make it easier?

PXY (39)

I'm absolutely certain. @KobeFF

KobeFF (1260)

It should be a bit harder now...

PXY (39)

Excellent! The game must be skill-based, for it only took two attempts this time! @KobeFF