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Super Satisfying HTMLAnchorElement!
AmoghTheCool (17)

A super satisfying HTMLAnchorElement (more commonly known by <a> in HTML and a in CSS). The first time I used @keyframes in CSS, and I've found it makes for really good transitions. It, for one, is much smoother than a sudden :hover {background-color:black} Made for a project that is not on Replit (edited w/VS Code and stored locally). However you can use it for your own projects, just change the color and background-color attributes in the CSS @keyframe.
Read more here.
100% CSS and HTML (no JS). See fullscreen here.

Also @xfinnbar I prefer @keyframes to color ease 0.5 actually, it

  • is much easier to understand (for me)
  • gives me more control
xfinnbar (149)

Don't use @keyframes for hover effects in CSS. Use transition instead. It's much easier and quicker:

a {
  color: black;
  transition: color ease 0.3s;

a:hover {
  color: orange;