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Summarizes recent article for any given ticker.
SorenRood (2)

Prototype feature for

This program will get the most recent article for a specified ticker from Yahoo Finance and summarize by returning the 7 most important sentences. In the following example, the program will fetch this article:

This is the output for that article:

Try it out! =)

Spotandjake (28)

Updoot looks interesting can you give me a better explaination though of what it does

SorenRood (2)

@Spotandjake. The program gets the most recent article for a specified ticker from yahoo finance and simplifies it by giving you the 7 most important sentences.

SorenRood (2)

@Spotandjake The idea is this:

As a user, I will be able to get a daily snapshot of xyz company by cross-referencing the top 5 financial news websites and summarizing all information. This could be delivered to the user via email or text.

Spotandjake (28)

@SorenRood play gotcha sounds interesting would be smart to put a good description along with example of it in the description up you though

SorenRood (2)

@Spotandjake yeah it was really late when I posted this. Will do that for the next one haha. Gotta get through finals first lol.