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Stunning Platformer Game: Face The Darkness
LeviathanCoding (1599)

Battle your way through thirty different levels, using your best Platformer and Parkour skills.
With multiple types of enemies and unlimited fun, this game is one of the top-notch games on

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FloCal35 (670)

Nice game, is there any chance you could also allow wasd?

tussiez (1675)

@LeviathanCoding It's pretty simple:

const keys = new Set();
document.body.addEventListener('keydown', () => keys.add(e.key.toLowerCase()));
document.body.addEventListener('keyup', () => keys.delete(e.key.toLowerCase()));

// in your render loop:
if(keys.has('arrowleft') || keys.has('a')) {
// do something..
BananaJellyfish (210)

this is actually really cool! my only criticism is that sometimes the character is hard to control

LeviathanCoding (1599)

@BananaJellyfish , It takes some skill to control the player. I don't see how it's hard since you just use your right hand to move it (arrow keys).
Thanks for the feedback!

FoxxenaGaming (1)

I love the secret/ hidden gems, they're so fun to look for!

FoxxenaGaming (1)

@LeviathanCoding Thank you! It really makes my day! o(°▽°)o

SilvermoonCat (458)

I can't read the font that well it's like "press the ___ key" and I have to flip around inthe code
other than that it's nice!

Orca20 (73)

When you lose all your light shards on the parkour level

LeviathanCoding (1599)

@Orca20 , It's beatable. I've beat it without any upgrades.

Orca20 (73)

@LeviathanCoding I know, I beat it after figuring it out. Also, what happens if you had 10 light shards and tried to skip the last level? Like after the win message lol

TMash110 (0)

bro this game is more dope than logan paul

LaneMartin (108)

I found a glitch. If you are on the hall of many choices, you can keep choosing the 1st one, pressing R to restart and then getting infinite light shards. pogger big brain

Atias (7)

Nice game, More job needs to be done with the Collision Detection and there are some times that the Physics is just slow

LeviathanCoding (1599)

@Atias , yeah. Sometimes the collisions glitch out. I can't really find a way to deal with that. The physics become slow because it takes this repl a lot of power to run the game. It does have some pretty complex graphics.

Orca20 (73)

Yay I finally managed to win the game! But once it tells you that you've won, how do you beat the final level? Like what do you do once you've won?

LeviathanCoding (1599)

@Orca20 , The message in the final level tells you. There's no more moving on from there.

Bunnytoes (164)

@LeviathanCoding 3.4k lines of code. heres an upvote for this awesome game