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Stocks Viewer
GlxyUS (2)

I made this website that lets you simply see the price of US stocks. Also available at Official README below


Also available at

I made this simple stock viewer that allows you to see realtime prices for stocks.

I am a beginner when it comes to this stuff

It will glitch, it will break, it won't format right. Just don't use it on a small screen.

Crypto price data is also available!

Get live price data for almost any cryptocurrency at

Price API

This website uses free API keys from IEX Cloud.
The website pings IEX every 2 seconds, so it's not completely realtime.

Using the website

Simply type in a valid stock ticker at the search bar and hit Enter. You should see the company name fade in and out as the price connects.

Help me out

Use the comments to tell me what to add, I added dark mode and a useless Volume thing

Check out both these websites at