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Stock Simulation
Spandan14 (15)

A stock simulation! Really fun, but took a lot of mental gymnastics and searching to finish. Lots of work and planning! Please vote if you like it! (Pretty sure you will anyway!!)

awsomewasd (1)

this makes mine look both dumb and smart in a way...

Spandan14 (15)

@awsomewasd Lmfao im learning torch and keras and imma make a stock predictor soon
I can use it to improve this
Mine is crap

awsomewasd (1)

@Spandan14 wow you are online!!!!
did you see mine???

Spandan14 (15)

Not that easy! Took quite a bit of mental gymnastics to finish. A stock simulation for your fun!

sie (2)

Good Job. We should collab on a project some time.