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Stock Market Game
Junge29 (4)

So this is my stock market game I made using turtle. I am really excited about it. Every day you will have a graph mapping predictions on pricing and another graph for as you go through.

You have ten days until the year 3000. When the new year begins, computers will erase all progress in currency around the globe. You are trying to make as much money as you possibly can and withdraw before January first. Each stock market advisor costs $500 to hire per day, and nobody is taking any loans with so little time left. Buy when the stock prices are low, and sell when they are high! The more stock market advisors you have, the more accurate the predictions will be. The predictions will come in the form of a graph covering the day. You may hire a maximum of 5 advisors per day. The market opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM each day, and you may buy or sell stocks each hour. Your stocks are worth nothing the day after, so at 7:00, the final hour, you will sell whatever you have left.

Make as much money as you can! screenshot your final results for the leader board.

Leader Board

Please upvote if you like! Comment with any suggestions.

DecentCoder1 (3)

You can try and make it harder, at least somewhat harder though I am not good at programming, I know you probably can do it. Otherwise, this game is designed really well.

Junge29 (4)

Thanks for the suggestion! Wow you got a lot of money. @DecentCoder1

Junge29 (4)

Also, if I change it I can’t put you on the leaderboard because it will be harder for the next people who try this. (If any, this post hasn’t gotten a lot of attention) Are you ok with not being on the leaderboard to make it harder? @DecentCoder1

DecentCoder1 (3)

It is okay, I don't care if I go on the leaderboard or not, and I get that it will be unfair to others.

world345 (8)

Excuse me but the program is glitching for me. The program only works up until the 'You hired _ advisors'

Junge29 (4)

@world345 After this it should say, "Press enter to continue." Are you pressing enter?

world345 (8)

. This is what is happening

Junge29 (4)

Hmm, try opening it in another tab so you can see the turtle tab. @world345

BenjaminHannan (39)

Pretty cool since I have some stocks, and I have yet to try it out