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Stock Game
metalcupcake5 (9)

A small game that I made that is based on stock markets, but simplified to make it simple. Try to live as many days as you can without going bankrupt.


Theres a glitch when the stock price is 0 and you can buy infintes stocks

JakubJedruszcza (2)

Great game, but I'd really like the ability to buy multiple stocks. It's annoying to buy 400 stocks by hand.


Interesting concept that has potential. I think you need to give more information to the user. For example I did not know what each stock was, how much it cost, or how much money I had to play with. I should not have had to look at help to find this out. Also, when I entered 3 to end the day, seemingly nothing happened. I was expecting to get some sort of summary and for the program to end.

metalcupcake5 (9)

@malvoliothegood Thanks for your feedback. I have added an action after you end the day that shows the new stock values. How would you suggest I show more information to the user?


@metalcupcake5 Your program is much better. It would be good at the start of a new day to see the value of each stock you own and how much you are up or down by. Should the low, medium and high stocks have different prices? The riskier stocks could be higher priced. Does the user know that stock 1 is less risky, stock 2 is a bit more so etc. This way they would be more informed about buying and selling. Also, it would be good if the player had the option to cash up and quit the market.