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Statistics Calculator
daniel_hsu (4)

This calculator allows the user to enter a set of number data. The program interprets the list given and lists out a ton of useful information such as mean median mode, standard deviation,
outliers, five number summary, and more to come!
A cool feature I experimented with this program is the implementation of a more user friendly input system. It shows the list in real time while you enter the list. It is easy to use and is user friendly.
You don't have to enter the entire list only to realize that you entered a number incorrect. You can easily backspace by inputting 'b'. Inputting '=' will initialize the calculations.

No more tedious calculator work trying to figure out the standard deviation of a 100-number list on you scientific calculator. All the data is there for you!
I personally use this program a lot when doing my math homework in stat because, let's be real, who wants to waste their time punching in numbers and formulas on their scientific calculator?

I hope you find this program unique and useful!

justinzzzz (0)

Thanks for the Stats Calculator. We've been developing something similar for UCSF Data Resources. And recently, my research paper was approved by the top writer service in customwritingz section for college term papers.

lucky (0)

This calculator is amazing!