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Start testing for WTerminal A5
CodinUser (8)

Hello everyone
So I have now made a new project called WTerminal, its meant to be an "PowerShell/cmd/bash alternative with external app support'

The WTerminal DOESN'T use os.system methods or subrpocess methods to execute the input, it uses if/else checking to create custom commands and uses os methods for the functions

WTerminal is meant to feel clean and simple, with a rich user experience. WTerminal is also compatible with Windows/Linux

Now this version of WTerminal A5 (Alpha 0.50) is very unstable and i will not recommend it for daily use in this stage, the WTerminal A[V] and WTerminal B[V]

DynamicSquid (5068)

Ooh, this is awesome!

CodinUser (8)

@DynamicSquid Thanks! The documentation is still being worked :)

Also if you like the PyShell python interpreter check out the PyShell spotlight ""

And the latest WTerminal updates are sent to the spotlight

CodinUser (8)

There is an error with ls dir, will be fixed for B1

CodinUser (8)

New features

  • Updated to version 1.6 PyShell