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jajoosam (946)

Starbot adds support for appreciation in a discord community! You can give people who helped you stars, and the bot will note it - also creating a leaderboard, and some sort of karma points in the community.

When you give a star - it reduces the number you have by one. But everyone starts off with 20 😄

Here's a demo 👇

Send a message tagging user(s) like this:
Thanks @amasad and @hayaodeh for creating ⭐

And send only a ⭐ to see the count 🏆

Try it out now in the #bot-usage channel 💬

There's a full API to access the star count available - send ⭐ API - and to see help in the Discord, send ⭐ Help

Starbot can also work in other Discord communities - add it to your own for $5:

Coder100 (18879)

Nice! This is a great bot!
Also, your code has taught me how to make my bot add reactions. Thanks!

davidglauberset (53)

Great bot dude! I'm using this and I'm enjoying it, let's partner?

jajoosam (946)

@davidglauberset Thanks! What do you have in mind? ;)

davidglauberset (53)

@jajoosam call me on whatsapp to be able to talk better: 5582991573294

zubito (1)

Nice bot! I like it. Good lucky with your project :)c

JSer (84)

Sometimes it won't show up when someone gets a star

dotcomboom (155)

This gives me a Flipnote Hatena vibe (where you'd have a limited amount of starts to give). Good job!

Mooopy (65)

this bot is broken

jajoosam (946)

@Mooopy Seems to be working fine for me 😄