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jajoosam (946)

Starbot adds support for appreciation in a discord community! You can give people who helped you stars, and the bot will note it - also creating a leaderboard, and some sort of karma points in the community.

When you give a star - it reduces the number you have by one. But everyone starts off with 20 😄

Here's a demo 👇

Send a message tagging user(s) like this:
Thanks @amasad and @hayaodeh for creating ⭐

And send only a ⭐ to see the count 🏆

Try it out now in the #bot-usage channel 💬

There's a full API to access the star count available - send ⭐ API - and to see help in the Discord, send ⭐ Help

Starbot can also work in other Discord communities - add it to your own for $5:

Coder100 (18879)

Nice! This is a great bot!
Also, your code has taught me how to make my bot add reactions. Thanks!

JSer (84)

Sometimes it won't show up when someone gets a star

dotcomboom (155)

This gives me a Flipnote Hatena vibe (where you'd have a limited amount of starts to give). Good job!

davidglauberset (53)

Great bot dude! I'm using this and I'm enjoying it, let's partner?

jajoosam (946)

@davidglauberset Thanks! What do you have in mind? ;)

davidglauberset (53)

@jajoosam call me on whatsapp to be able to talk better: 5582991573294

zubito (1)

Nice bot! I like it. Good lucky with your project :)c

Mooopy (65)

this bot is broken

jajoosam (946)

@Mooopy Seems to be working fine for me 😄