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Star Wars Wiki
FloCal35 (502)

Welcome to Star Wars Wiki. This is a website I created as a project for my computer science class. It is similar to and the information it contains is mostly from there. There is usually a new post semi-daily unless my week is busy (NOTE: is the one I update). Copy the link so you see can see it better. If you need to contact me about a question or explain something I did wrong, type it in the comments below. I hope you enjoy Star Wars Wiki ;)
If you like it, please upvote. If not, please tell me why.

EDIT: I only post new stuff every once in a while (high school makes you pretty busy).

InvisibleOne (2681)

Well it was good, but I would love to see more details, other then that, great job

FloCal35 (502)

@InvisibleOne Thank you for the feedback

InvisibleOne (2681)

Interesting, but how well will it stand up to a complete star wars nerd...