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Speed typing test using Tkinter
nischalgurung (2)

This is my first post in, I hope this is a relatively good program, in your perspective. Anyways, this is a speed typing test using Tkinter. Your data(WPM) is stored in the json file named database, it is linked with your username. Thus, it is important that you remember your previous username in order to continue your progress, and since this program does not ask for a password, when you input your previous username into the username bar, it will ask you if used this username previously(you can click either 'Yes' or 'No' to the popup). However, it does have a problem due to this, because there exist a probability that someone might type the same username as yours accidentally or intentionally, and click 'Yes' to the popup.

Zachary007 (9)

dang im slow, 22 wpm. Really nice program. Could be used for schools

nischalgurung (2)

@Zachary007 I'm really glad you like it! And don't worry about your WPM, I consistently get 23-25 WPM as well XD

duck132912 (214)

@nischalgurung you have the same name as me