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Speed Typer
etwat20941 (10)

See how fast you can type!
This game is a challenge to see how fast you can type.
It was originally developed for AP Computer Science Principles but we decided it would be fun to enter the Game Jam as a Group Game.
Read the instructions when you first run the program.

All rights reserved to @etwat20941 and @ElliotEsposito
Please do not copy, fork, or re-create this project without immediate permission from @etwat20941 or @ElliotEsposito.

katyadee (1286)

I'm so glad somebody made this! I love typing games.

ElliotEsposito (1)

This game should win the bitcoin for sure!

programmyBoi (17)

You should make it so when someone gets the sentence wrong, they get an easier sentence

LynnOng (26)

Woo! -61.5 points, I'm a pro!

etwat20941 (10)

@LynnOng Ye sorry, I based it off of my speed +/- 5-10 seconds.