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Space Invaders
Calamari1 (98)
Play a round of space invaders. Or another round. And another one…
Hit refresh for a new game

CodingIsh (0)

I don't know if it is my system but the game is not loading

Calamari1 (98)

@CodingIsh Hmm, looks like replit did change stuff, I don't get a run button anymore :-/

Calamari1 (98)

@CodingIsh A I figured it out, they changed the post-design quite a bit and I had to readd the repl. Now it should work again. Thanks for pointing it out.

tankibuds (0)

There's a glitch where if the invader gets below your turret, it will continue going down and the game never ends

tankibuds (0)

I got 200+. Who can score higher than me? XD

DexieTheSheep (57)

Run the repl to see output...

PythonCoder100 (7)

Are there any other functions other than using the arrows and the space bar?
Also, could you edit it so that you have multiple lives, and don't lose your points the first time you die?


Calamari1 (98)

@nosrep: The highscore is on about 138 or similar

MarkEgan (1)

The space invaders fire too fast. Otherwise, well done, sir.

Calamari1 (98)

@markegan: I don't think the space invaders fire to fast, that is kind of the thrill of this version.

18mm (11)

@calamari1: Could definitely use some difficulty ramping. Shields and only being able to fire one bullet at a time were a pretty important part of the original. This was fun a for a little bit though, good job :)

That_one_guy (145)

This is really cool. Definitely better than my jumping game.

Caleb_Bradley (2)

Wow its really good! just wish they would shoot a bit slow

haya (10)

I love it! nice job. Is there any way you can add scores? so we can be able to check who scored the most? can you repost this on Games board, this is so addicting

Calamari1 (98)

@haya: Hey ho, thank you for your kind words.
Since some people like it, I just created a new version for it, now with highscores! :)


samuelwoodward (0)

super fun! nice job. i got 30 points

haya (10)

@samuelwoodward: I got 36 points I win 💪 who can score than me?

Brandaboss (89)

Ha ha! New record: 160