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Space Hunter - You are the last battleship remaining, and the enemy is closing in...
jkeane889 (4)


You are the last battleship remaining, and the enemy is closing in...

Space Hunter is my first (ever!) game using Python. After switching careers and starting to learn coding on my own, this started as an experiment for me to learn object oriented programming.

The idea for the game came after completing Zed Shaw's "Learn Python the Hard Way," where you build a space game. Somehow, I stumbled onto this challenge and thought, "wouldn't it be cool to create a space game that uses visuals and actual images to create a real, space-like simulation?"

What started as a simple exercise, turned into a personal development challenge as the game tested my ability to understand vector graphics, advanced programming concepts, and physics.

Your objective is to dodge as many alienships as possible and kill as many as you can (there is no going back!!!). Use the Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys to steer the direction of the ship, and aim to dodge the aliens as they appear on the screen.

There is a state machine to control the "brain" of each alien, to mimic artificial intelligence. The aliens will chase after the player as you fly around the map. If you run into enemy ships you will begin to lose health.

You use the spacebar to shoot your laser and try to take out as many alien craft as possible. Your score is displayed in the upper-middle of the screen, and you can keep track of your highest score. Once your health is depleted the game will end but you can replay right after!

Considered Future Features:

These are a few of the following features that could be added in the future:

  • Random generation of weapon upgrades
  • Additional health meters for enemies
  • Additional enemy spacecraft
  • Shield generation or health replenishment for player
  • Extra point levels for player
  • Changing background to be more colorful or change depending on level in game

Personal Story:

This game was a solo project on my own, and it tested my ability to learn something new. What's nice is that with a little imagination, some determination, and persistence, you can really learn new things - even when challenging - you can show yourself how far you can go!

Thank you for this challenge Repl.It and I hope you host more in the future!

Wilke000 (636)

Cool, But hard to control @jkeane889