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Space Game
mculaton (19)

collect flying asteroids, 2 player game

DJWang (1358)

Oh wow! this is awesome! how long have you been coding??

timmy_i_chen (1187)

Whoa sick! You should submit this to our multiplayer games challenge!

Also, for those reading, controls are UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT and W/A/S/D ;)

mculaton (19)

Thank You. I will consider submitting it.

DJWang (1358)

wow I totally agree

ebest (672)
I made it alot less glitchy. did you know that the turtle speed can be 0? that makes it infinitely quick.

algore (21)

This is actally really cool

vishnunathcr (1)

Nice work mculaton.
I think it would be better to have black background instead of blue and each of the score displayed in their respective colors (blue and red). The balls can be grey and rest all text and border in white.

vedprad1 (915)

is there a way to expand to full screen?

mculaton (19)

you can click on my username and find my project, open it, then run it.