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tussiez (1676)


I was bored and decided to make this simple "satellite simulator"(?) in SortaCanvas.

This doesn't really have a purpose, but is fun to look at.

How to use

  • Click "Satellite" to create a new satellite.
  • Drag the "Satellite power" slider to adjust the satellite strength.
  • Click and drag satellites to move them around.
  • Drag a satellite into the Earth or Moon to put them into orbit. (to remove, click and drag out)
  • Hover over a satellite to see basic information about it.
  • Hover over a connection to see information about the satellite link.
  • Right-click a satellite to remove it.



ch1ck3n (2341)

everyone needs internet and everyone gets internet

OldWizard209 (1615)

Elon Musk and NASA after seeing this:

AstrumDeorum (162)

Welp, I'm ready to use 5G to commence World Domination.

CyberHacker101 (136)

it took 3 frecking days to figure this out lol

so I was calculating a way to get a signal to every capital known and this is my result only 202738 more to go >:D @tussiez

AstrumDeorum (162)

It's hard to put the satellites in orbit.

tussiez (1676)

@AstrumDeorum Shouldn't be too hard.. drag the satellite into a sphere.



Whippingdot (675)


Also wdym about the weak satellite strengths?

tussiez (1676)

@Whippingdot Toggling the "Hide weak signals" checkbox hides all yellow/red connections. Useful when working with a lot of satellites.

tussiez (1676)

@PixiGem See post for instructions.