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SortaCanvas - [UPDATE] Rotation & collisions!
tussiez (1637)


I was writing a meme generator, then realized I needed a canvas, and drag and drop, and images, and text.. and ended up writing an entire library?

This is a JavaScript <canvas> "game engine", that's AFAIK, similar to p5.js, without the drawbacks.

Update 1/12

I added experimental support for object rotation, object collision detection, and did some code cleanup.


  • Rectangles, circles, image and text support
  • Render loop
  • NEW! Object rotation + animation
  • NEW! Object collision detection
  • Constructor-based objects
  • Strict mode with error checking and fallbacks
  • Object picking (also known as raycasting)
  • User event system - supports mouse AND touch input
  • Animation support (with TWEEN)
  • Dynamic scaling and position
  • Web Worker support

I'll probably write some games with this library soon.. so stay tuned!


The Repl is on a team (@SortaGames), so the link is here:


tussiez (1637)

@foodandmoarfood My demands are:
Jk you can if you want

CyberHacker101 (126)

lol are you now adding "sorta" to everything now

Baconman321 (1096)

@tussiez Sometime later I'm going to release CLIp.

Baconman321 (1096)

@tussiez Yoo tussiez wanna work on sortacraft (IDK if I pinged u earlier)?

tussiez (1637)

@Baconman321 Yeah you did, I didn't see ya on Sortacraft tho

Bookie0 (6248)

I don't know how to say it, but I think it's 'sorta' moving around and bouncing off corners..Relaxing..

tussiez (1637)

You can drag the objects around :)