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💸 Someone Wants Your Money - 2D Pixel Game 💸

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James has just finished a day at his cryptocurrency trading job when a mugger approaches him. There is nowhere to escape so James must fight the mugger to get away, and by so, avoid the mugger getting hold of his public and private keys that James, stupid as he is, always carries with him.

How To Play

Player 1: Use "A" and "D" to move, "W" to jump, and "S" to attack.
Player 2: Use left and right arrows to move, up arrow to jump, and down arrow to attack.

Best of three rounds wins.


Everything is made by me, except the background that is based on an artwork by "chuckchee".

Known Bugs

  • Frame rate may suffer on browsers such as Internet Explorer and Edge. Please use a modern browser, like Firefox or Chrome, to play the game.


I completely missed out on this game jam so I started when it was only 12 days left. I've since been working late nights to finish it (the clock is 6:00 AM when writing this).

This is the first game I've actually finished so I'm happy with the result. I was planning on a multiplayer mode but I had a problem with my Node.JS server here on where it wouldn't update my files, so I discarded the idea.

I also had an idea for a story mode, but I didn't have time to implement it.

Feel free to take a look in the source code, but keep in mind that parts of the code is bad structured and poorly written because I took some shortcuts to save time.

Please let me know if you find any bugs, and make sure to upvote if you like the game!

Open the game in a new tab for best experience:

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