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Socket.IO Chat Template V2
lynnlo (51)

This is my updated, and cleaner version of my original Chat Template available at

This features a more secure chat handling system, along with cleaner and easier to understand code, while still staying true to the original design.

An more in-depth tutorial of the system will be given at my talk, "Make a Realtime Chat App with Rooms using Socket.IO" during the Virtual CodeDay Event June 12th.
CodeDay is a hackathon-like event and is completely free to sign up,

While it works out of the box, it is up to you to add in any extra features that you may deem fit.
If you're looking for ideas of features to add consider the following:

  • Providing chat history for new users in a room
  • Browser notifications
  • Stylized usernames, (Colors, Fonts, etc.)
  • Minifying the chat program for use in another webpage
  • Spam detection
  • User authentication
  • Support for images and media

This template is not meant to be a end product, but rather simply a stepping stone to create something unique.