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Snake! ♡
TheC0derGirl (210)

Hey guys! Just a basic snake game - hope you enjoy!
Any bugs, errors - just tell me in the comms and I will try to fix! ♡ @Rainbowstuff xx

By the way, this tutorial is by @tokyoedtech from youtube! He's a great coder, you should check him out :D

TheC0derGirl (210)

Hey lol does anyone know the screen size???

figglediggle (137)
  1. The snake goes off the screen
  2. Only 1 sometimes spawns off-screen
TheC0derGirl (210)

@figglediggle I know, i'm trying to figure out the screen size right now

figglediggle (137)

@Rainbowstuff wn.setup(width=(600), height=300)
The window has a width of 600, and a height of 300