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Snake! ♡
TheC0derGirl (210)

Hey guys! Just a basic snake game - hope you enjoy!
Any bugs, errors - just tell me in the comms and I will try to fix!

Edit: Hey guys, i'm being accused of copying and pasting from a website - that's not true, I was just following a tutorial from tokyoedtech okyoEdTech, he's very talented!

JacobAustin1 (0)

didn't mean to send the edit request

JacobAustin1 (0)

In the game sometimes the food won't pop up

TheC0derGirl (210)

@JacobAustin1 try it in spotlight screen - should work then

Wilke000 (620)

Is this the third post of this? Please don't do that

TheC0derGirl (210)

@Wilke000 lol all the other posts ill delete, just posting it again bc i finally got the screen size right for the spotligth page