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Slingshot game - like angry birds!
Muhammad_SJC (150)

This is just a draft, so I won't talk much about it. But more things like levels and scores are coming up!

The target is to slingshot and drop all of the stack.

Best Experience:

Zoom out of your window until the entire canvas is visible, then enjoy the game!

SeamusDonahue (457)

make some levels! this is cool!

Soccer135246 (7)

I found a glitch. When I just destroyed all the balls and I was trying to launch my ones onto the platform, it just went through.
EDIT: It also went through some enemy balls.

Whippingdot (652)


Did you know you can hold the balls that have fallen down / are falling down. Then you can use them to hit everything else. EDIT: You can actually even hold the enemy balls...lul

Hacks, hacks, i luv hacks


cool! i cant wait until you add more

MikeJMS8910 (159)

Wow, that is satisfying. You should add a reset button.

Muhammad_SJC (150)

@MikeJMS8910 yes I will, but as I said, this is just a draft. Also, I just want to see if people like this sort of stuff.

MikeJMS8910 (159)

@Muhammad_SJC its good. You are able to drag the opponents is that supposed to happen

Muhammad_SJC (150)

@MikeJMS8910 no it's just the Js library that acts weird, I'll fix that.