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Simple python battle simulation - First post
TheMerDragon (7)

So this is a simple battle sim I made. I made a few prototypes (which were scrapped due to my overengineering causing a few bugs).
This version is the first program I actually uploaded on a site.
I would really appreciate any feedback anyone could give me like program errors, bugs, or over complications in my code.

Your move options are simple
#1) attack - you attack
#2) defend - you gain 5 health to help defend the incoming attack
#3) stats - checks both your and your opponent's stats

The opponent names are my friends' inGame names for online stuff so don't copy them plz

If you want to use a snippet of my code (for whatever reason) ask me first plz!

p.s. I'm running on 4hrs of sleep so I apologize for any miscommunications

Edit: I'm also working on the weapon change function so I'll update in like a week or so

syflexer (460)

this is cool and fun i wish you luck on any future projects