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Simple multiplayer 3D FPS using Three.js
rbinfinity (3)

I am using Three.js as the 3D rendering engine and to make it multiplayer.

Use WASD or arrow keys to move and a mouse to look around. Click to shoot. Press your forward slash (/) key to send a message. Press the m key to toggle the message history display.

Each game takes 4 people and then a new game will start.

Also, if you have any name ideas for this game, please let me know. Thanks!

The code
The output

Have fun!

JacobMcPherson1 (191)

This is very cool but, could you please add a crosshair and tell me why you need this many lines?

rbinfinity (3)

@JacobMcPherson1 Hi, I added a crosshair :) I have also added a minified version of the Three.js module. Thanks for trying it out.