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Simple Snake Game
LukeShomper (58)

I made a simple snake game (well followed a tutorial) because I was bored. Hope you like '_'

Edit Controls are WASD

Axrevyn (289)

Great game, it does lag though. And lag isn't ideal for a reflex-reliant game.

LukeShomper (58)

@Axrevyn yeah I dont know how to fix that ;-;

LeonDoesCode (440)

@LukeShomper That's just a repl thing. The only way to help improve it is to have hacker, which gives you more processing power.

Trent66 (2)

loovad playin ya gam
i reely enjuyd it
loov trent :)

Trent66 (2)

sorry @LukeShomper i have no idea what your talking about.
reply when you've won the champions league ;)

Trent66 (2)

@mwilki7 ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
love the game hahaha
so fun hahah
much love
@TW04 and @Trent66