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"Simple" Rock Paper Scissors
saghitcssf (3)

Are you up for the challenge? By the way, go into the code and press the link. It is a theory for rock paper scissors. HAVE FUN!

Nanashi (7)

It took me two runs to realize I have to enter an uppercase letter. Use if user.lower() == "R" or user = input("(prompt)").lower() to allow either lowercase/uppercase input.

Also, maybe I'd track computer score and print f"{score} vs {cpuscore} (CPU)".

saghitcssf (3)

Everyone thank you for kind comments. Even though I probably have a 0% chance of winning this, I want to thank you all for your support.

lydiahallie (37)

Great work! Very original with the ASCII :)

themaka (188)

I like the ascii representation. :)