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Simple OS
ebp11 (39)

Want a simple, easy-to-use OS? Then choose Simple OS! You are able to make windows. You can also cascade windows to the left or right. This makes split view possible. It looks and works similar to a cross between Windows 3.0 and Windows 1.0. Have fun!
PS: BestPenguin Point/6.0 ( and programs may come onto this soon. It runs on BP-DOS, E11's free kernel. For more information, go to . You are free to copy the source code into your own OSes.

ebp11 (39)

@Coder100 It's an operating environment. I plan to release a version for Windows soon.
BP-DOS stands for BestPenguin DENVIE Operating System, with DENVIE standing for [hard] Disk-based Executable Non-trash Virtualised Integratable Environment.