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Simple Guessing Game
Victor_Suarez (24)

My first python project. Input and suggestions are welcome for more projects would be greatly appreciated.

DarthHayder1212 (0)

This is so simple but so fun. Legit when you dont ​get it firs​t time and you get patronized at the end just makes you want to punch your computer, But a great programme nonetheless

tejrajwanshi (3)

Between 1 and 100?
but it also takes 0 as random number. Whats this??
please fix this.& Nice job.

Victor_Suarez (24)

@tejrajwanshi Alrighty, it's fixed.Thanks for pointing this out

khubaibadi (0)

Thank you for the awesome work :D Simple but addicting

Victor_Suarez (24)

@khubaibadi That's what i was going for, glad you liked it!

MattFeldmann (0)

Also I won in one try I guessed 96 and I won!

ddiaz131 (4)

That's actually amazing nice job man

timmy_i_chen (1187)

Woohoo! Won in 7 tries. Nice!