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Simple Flask Test
JWZ6 (715)


It shows your username and replit logo.

CREDITS to @JBloves27 and @darkdarcool for REPLAPI package (taken off though lol)


EpicCodeWizard (12)

@JWZ6 If you are looking for a fast way to fetch user info, just make a GET request to It will return a lotta info in a short time. Add ?count=true for the number of posts, comments, and repls.

JWZ6 (715)

@EpicCodeWizard im still learning but ok :)

EpicCodeWizard (12)

@ch1ck3n Other than isTeam and repls, is there anything else?

JWZ6 (715)

@Coder100 Thanks! told u, big brain :)

JWZ6 (715)

@ruiwenge2 The os.environ problem has been changed into a request! Fixed :)

@VulcanWM Added The Repl Auth

ruiwenge2 (1209)

it keeps on showing your pfp instead of mine
I think it’s because os.environ["REPL_OWNER"] doesn’t work if you use flask :(

JWZ6 (715)

@ruiwenge2 btw great flask tutorial. im using it :)

VulcanWM (2906)

Maybe you can add logging in with replit with repl auth and this tutorial:

JWZ6 (715)

@VulcanWM i decided not to do that lol

JWZ6 (715)

@VulcanWM just didn't feel like it XD