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Shrek Script
DaDestroyerMK85 (46)

Since you all liked my Bee Movie script, I decided to do another one but this time it is Shrek (King of memes).

DJWang (1345)

Please stop, you might want to create some useful code here. If you want to present this story, could you please put it somewhere else? Repl talk is for code, not stories. Maybe putting it in your blog or something?

theangryepicbanana (1688)

Yea try not to make this a trend though. Repl Talk isn't really for memes and stuff, but for sharing projects, seeking help, and teaching others. If you want to share stuff like this, maybe take a look at the discord server?

HackermonDev (2009)

Another one of these scripts and we may take action on you.

mamamia5x (78)

Why do people find this funny? Not making fun of the project, but this doesn't really seem like something that doesn't belong on Not trying to offend you (sorry if i did).

mwilki7 (1134)

There's no one to derive me. But you got to have free
i believe he says 'deride' and 'friends'