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Show Your Math Teacher!
Coder100 (17055)

Mandelbrot Set

I am so excited to post this!!!! After hours of hard work I have created a working Mandelbrot set explorer so you can zoom in and out and view this awesome fractal!! I made this because of yesterday's google doodle. Special thanks to @minx28 for helping with some zooming issues. Also thanks to wikipedia and various videos on youtube for helping me understand it lol

How to use

Included in the repl, but just click to go to a position, and from there you can scroll up to zoom in, and scroll down to zoom out. It calculates things quite fast! It also includes colors for EPIC screenshots.


Black dots are in the set. Colored dots are those that diverged (went to infinity), and the color represents how many iterations took.


Show this to your math teacher! I'm sure they will be proud of ya :)
I'm going to do Julia sets later :D

tankerguy1917 (174)

man this is so cool.
funny thing is is that i watched a V-sauce episode about the mandelbrot set a few days ago

Boss68 (6)

My math project in 8th grade was about this. It's really so cool. Just plotting a bunch of numbers in the complex plane can give you such intricate details and colorful patterns. And if you were to change the parameters of the equation just slightly, it looks completely different. I love it so much.

KobeFF (1260)

Wow... Glitchy but wow...

KobeFF (1260)

@Coder100 How long did it take to make?

CatR3kd (487)

jeez that render time tho lol

Coder100 (17055)

yeah it does take some time @CatR3kd

Muhammad_SJC (149)

WHAT... IS... THIS?!

Muhammad_SJC (149)

I have never seen someone integrate maths into coding like that

Coder100 (17055)

yeah, coding is deeply mathematical in nature, computers were made to be calculators after all @CatR3kd

figglediggle (136)

@CatR3kd its more logic than math but ok

CatR3kd (487)

yes but code is litteraly math translated into a readble language @DanielGreynold1

Wilke000 (626)

I love these things...

NoahJospeh (29)

Cool! A bit laggy, but ccol!

Coder100 (17055)

:D Thanks!
Yeah, it is a bit laggy because of the calculations it has to do @NoahJospeh

NoahJospeh (29)

@Coder100 its as laggy as my one friend who was a girl, who got that way every time she saw me

SwaroopBappanad (243)

Wow. Just....Just wow.

xxpertHacker (860)

I wanted to do this months ago when I had the math ready and was playing with multi-threading... but then I didn't.

Now, I wanna do it again... but I won't.
Dang, I'm lazy.

Nice job.

Coder100 (17055)

lol well ping me when you're done

thanks! :) @xxpertHacker

RolandJLevy (1052)

Hey @Coder100, nice job! I really love this. Where is the maths equation that creates the mandlebrot?

Bookie0 (5977)

looks my ma math teacher butt heheh 3


@Bookie0 oh wait I see it now that I turn my computer sideways.

figglediggle (136)

mandelbrot set do be lookin dummy thicc tho @Bookie0

Bookie0 (5977)

nice, you should include a little tutorial on it! ;)

Nayoar (561)

Very cool! Have an updoot! I'm making my own mandelbrot set program (not copying yours, it works completely differently) and it'll hopefully release later today

jort57 (25)

yo this is awesome!!! cool math like this doesnt get enough attention

Coder100 (17055)

:D Thanks!
Yeah, math does get overlooked because of their complexity @jort57

Nayoar (561)

@Coder100 @jort57 smh my head, a mandelbrot set is actually surprisingly simple

Coder100 (17055)

well yeah, implementing it is, but actually understanding it requires at least some knowledge of imaginary numbers @minx28

Nayoar (561)

@Coder100 not necessarily. You could simply define the square of (a+bi) as a^2 - b^2 + 2abi

programmeruser (571)

I was going to post something like this but I got lost in the math....

RayhanADev (1942)

@Coder100 lel, what math do you even take?

RayhanADev (1942)

@Coder100 da heck!?! Why are you so much smarter than me, yet you’re younger xP?? Good for you Coder lol

TheForArkLD (763)

u must draw it in real life

TheForArkLD (763)

@Coder100 mandelbrot set is fractal, soooooo u need to draw it forever for ends drawing mandelbrot set lmao

fuzzyastrocat (1513)

Cool! (And definitely please do julia sets!)

This reminds me of my fractal curve explorer, I should post that here...