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Shorten links in one click using MiniLink bookmarklets.
xfinnbar (211)

A while ago, I created a URL shortener called I've recently updated it with a bookmarklet.

What's a bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet is a piece of javascript that will run on whatever page you like. Want to try one out? In your url bar, enter javascript:alert("Hello from bookmarklet world"). You should see a popup that says "Hello from bookmarklet world". You can also add these to your bookmarks bar.

Installing the MiniLink bookmarklet.

First, open your browser settings and enable "Show bookmarks bar". In Chrome/Chromium based browsers, you can access this setting by opening a new tab and right clicking the space below the URL bar, where your bookmarks sit.
Now all you have to do is visit and drag the link on the page to the bookmarks bar.

xfinnbar (211)

what doesn't work about it? @waterisnice