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Short Film in Java ( 50 Cycles Special! )
studentAlfredAl (447)

Hey guys! This is my 50 cycles special, and this was the biggest project I've done so far. I know the animation is very low quality, but I hope you enjoy it and stay safe! Don't forget to give me feedback in the comments!
This is a mashup of Aladdin and Avengers vs. Thanos - with a twist.
INSPIRED BY @BookieO and @ChezCoder!

Bookie0 (6560)

Wow this was super cool! I love it! I just want to ask, what did I make that inspired you?

studentAlfredAl (447)

You're short animations. It was the first one that I saw :) @Bookie0

MasonErbini (20)

Nice Job. I could never do something like that

studentAlfredAl (447)

If you would like to learn a bit of basic java, I made a tutorial! Here is the link:
You don't have to try to learn Java, but if you ever want to, the tutorial is there :) @MasonErbini

KingCook (1)

I love how you included the dc heros

vikasshukhla (4)

Used very basic concepts but great work. keep it on. Happy coding !



Anvaysharma (48)

Hehe super cool! It was so funny :)

syflexer (480)

This is super cool way out does my 50 cycle special