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Shoots 'n' Roots (SNR) Programming Language!
JLuke (5)

Simplistic and super easy to learn programming language that is meant to teach how to program. The way it is formatted, it can also be used as a springboard into assembly or other older languages like cobal/fortran.
I created it because I teach python, c, c++, java, and other languages to youngsters, but I feel like a simpler language could be a better starting point (full text language, not something like scratch) and I think this might fill that gap.

Sample Code and execution:

Members: @NicSkoronski

Check out the readme and the examples to see how it works!

As a bit of a challenge, lets see if anyone can guess why it is named this after using the code.

JLuke (5)

Thinking about it, it would be insanely easy to make this drag and drop blocks