Discord Bot monitor


I made a discord bot monitor!

Background Info

I have a discord bot, and I use Uptime robot to monitor and give it 100% uptime. This monitor uses one monitor from Uptime robot to keep this alive itself.


I made this because I think on Uptime robot you can only make 50 monitors. I know that is a lot, but what if you wanted to make 51 bots? With this here, you can make unlimited monitors!

How to use

This is pretty simple to use. Just fork it, then put your bot website URLs in bot_urls(In setup.py file). Then put your timeout in timeout(minutes). Then go to Uptime robot and create a monitor for this. Look below if you do not have an Uptime robot account.

No Uptime robot account

First, create your account. It is pretty easy to do, just username and password. Then, on your dashboard, click "Add new monitor" at the top.

  • For monitor type, select HTTP(s)
  • For friendly name, put in anything you want
  • For URL, put in this repl's website URL
  • Select any monitoring URL you want
  • Select any alert contacts

You are done!!!!

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