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Shawn the Rocketship {about:you; }
recurshawn (18)

I found out about the challenge rather late (after the original deadline) and so I wouldn't have participated, but I needed a new online presence and this idea of a shuttle's trajectory popped into my head.

It's a fairly simple design, but different from what I've done before (a lot of CSS!).

Open the site in a new tab to get the full experience. I've also tried to make the site mobile-friendly.

Check the site:

Future Plans for the site:

  • The site turned out better than I was expecting - I plan on using the design to make an interactive online resume for my main site in the future
  • Someone suggested I make the design available as a plug-n-play theme/service: Just enter your data and get your own version of the site.
  • I'm still a novice at CSS (learned basic CSS Animations to make this) - I plan on getting better and refactoring my CSS later.

Suggestions/Feedback/Criticisms welcome!

Zavexeon (1158)

I love the layout of the website. The rocketship is really neat.

Icekit (63)

this is really cooooollll!!!!

nN34398Ff (107)

cool! I wonder how people make all this stuff and I sit there doing nothing lol
coll, cool

Jozoven (1)

Amazing, I like it 👍

gatorade322 (111)

I started learning about quantom and string theory when I was 8.

gatorade322 (111)

I'm also nine right now and I'm learning about AI/ML

generationXcode (323)

@gatorade322 damn. I would suggest not to really learn AI/ML until you have the proper math background in calculus and linear algebra but what ur doing is amazing. Dont overwork urself tho...

AmazingMech2418 (1039)

Great job! This is a unique design for a website. I've never seen another website before where you scroll up instead of down. Though, could you by any chance make a tutorial on quantum mechanics and/or string theory?

PeterAravin (5)

Never seen any real code like this. I really like it.

RayvelArjoon (88)

Time travel is impossible. Mostly due to the fact that you must exceed the speed of light.



BlueComet (116)

I also love the facts you added in another thing to make the website more interesting

BlueComet (116)

wow this is cool!I can really see the potential great start!