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generationXcode (516)

This hackathon, we made a web app to share laughter.visit it at

MEME.ME is a web app designed for everyone to share their love of memes and receive memes they will enjoy.

Users can sign up to access the web app through their emails. Their data will be saved using cookies.All we need is their emails (in case someone spams the website)/we dont ask for passwords because, frankly, they aren't needed.

Users can share links to their favorite meme images(file extension of .png, .jpeg or any other image extension) in the "Share a joke" section, and tag it as either a CLASSIC meme, a COMIC/SCREENSHOT meme, or a DANK meme. Their post will be added to website and shared for everyone to see.

The cool part:

Based on how a user tags their favorite memes when they share them, a machine learning program (linear regression) will determine their favorite category of memes. The x intercept of this algorithm is the tag (we transform it into a number) and the y value is whether the person will like the meme(1 or 0). The memes that the algorithm determines as relevant to the user are shown as a table for him/her.(we aren't sure whether it works perfectly)

this is what the sign up page looks like

this is what the index page looks like(mind you, they are both on the same page...)

this is what your feed will look like:

credits:team members( @TylerBernardo for HTML and @meekell for the amazing CSS) and non team members( @dudeisbrendan01 for advice and feedback on the website)


generationXcode (516)

@BlitzNewtron I made this a long time ago but thanks! means a lot :)