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Search Engine v1.0
CodingRobot12 (182)

This is my first version of my search engine and many more better features are coming soon. This has been a very big project and I have used lots of new advanced skills that I have learned in the past few weeks. I hope you will upvote so I can find out whether I should continuing making this project or not.


This search engine currently has lots of amazing features. Here are the features that are provided right now:

  • Use the alphabet, numbers, and some symbols in order to type in what you want to search.

  • You don't need one result in order to press enter. You can press enter any time and see the results you have.

  • Because if I didn't add this feature, there will be a big scrollbar, I added some pages with different results in alphabetical order. There are 50 results on each page and use the left and right arrow key to move through different pages.

  • There is also a suggestion feature where if you press "+", you will be able to suggest another word that I can use for the next version.

Upcoming Features

I currently have many more updates coming soon to this project. Here are some of them:

  • History: You will be able to see the history of your searches.

  • Community History: I might try to add a community history where you can see what the whole community has searched up.

  • Stats: Just look at what stats you have on searching.

  • Categories: If the search engine suddenly gets really big, I will add categories and you can search things up using those categories.

Currently this project includes 300+ words you can search up and find out what the definitions are. Some of them are easy words while others are new words you can learn.

Again, I hope you upvote so I know whether I should continue this project or not and comment down below suggestions that you have about this project and if you want to just give words. Next time, I will be mentioning people who have helped me come up with words before the next version comes out.

Have a nice day!

I am joking. I know some of you have helped me before I put this version out so I am going mention those people now.

Thanks to:

For helping with the searches on this version.

Now have a nice day (I really mean it)