Coder100 (19272)

Snek 2: Become Human

In the previous post, you were the snake. However, have you wondered where those trees came from? What malevolent creature planted those trees with the sole purpose of killing you? In the sequel, you become the creature: planting trees in peoples' way!


@DynamicSquid told me that I should make a snake AI, so with delay (because I switched keyboard layouts -- namely Dvorak -- and took a break), here it comes!
Also, I wanted to experiment with something I haven't actually used a lot: NavMeshAgent.

How to play

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
Use left click to place a tree. You have a maximum of 30 trees, so place them in strategic spots!
Use right click to delete a tree (make sure your mouse is on the tree).





Many bugs should now be fixed!

  • The snake can now finally die!


Have a good day! Hope you enjoy the game!

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darkdarcool (161)

This took me like 10 minutes to do.

Not sure it was worth it
darkdarcool (161)

I feel like I could have been working on something important

Coder100 (19272)

no, beating an ai is important @darkdarcool

darkdarcool (161)

Hmm, maybe you're right. Me eating breakfast and living isn't as important as beating AI.

Trex10 (7)

I somehow beat it in like < 1min