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Screen Recorder

HI everyone!

I was on stackoverflow, and saw a question on how to record a screen. I did some research, answered it, and it got me thinking. "What if I made something to record your screen?"

So I did.

Things to take note of

Lol not play but whatever

  1. The pink box is going to be recorded.
  2. Note that if you go past the edges, your content will disappear.
  3. The longer you record, the slower your computer will ber.
  4. If the "gif" box is checked, expect a major slowdown on performance until the gif arrives.
  5. The gif module I'm using has no FPS (I just submitted an issue on their github, so it could be coming soon). Hence, the FPS is quite slow.
  6. Be patient while the GIF is being made. It will take a while.
  7. Note that when the GIF box is not selected, and you uncheck the "record" box, the "video" is just a lot of frames displayed every 10ms.
  8. Note if he GIF box is not selected, when you finish recording, the button will become a "play" button for replaying the recording.

WOW thats was a lot.

Comment your GIFs!
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And also
enjoy enjoy enjoy

An example of a GIF


You have to be careful with this kind of apps, unless you have a license, screen recording (Copyright Protected/Private) media is theoretically illegal. Since a streaming viewer or an online event attendee in these situations, screen recording is more than just a personal choice, as it may violate several rules or even laws. It's okay to record your own screen, though, but not of the other users'. I record mine all the time using, it's very qualitative and free as well, this is all that I need.


hmm. That is a good point. But I everything is only ever saved on the client so it is all good. @leciafosl