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School Empire Tycoon (Remastered)
Brendan23 (139)



Object of the game

Get lots of students and become the best school in the world.


Suggestions are recommended.
If there are any bugs please tell me right away. Bye!

ToxicHaste (5)

This is a good start Brendan, I would now suggest having more friends help out with bigger games, I've seen Snake game, Fortnite even Skyrim in here

Brendan23 (139)

@ToxicHaste ok, definitely. any suggestion for the type of game or theme of game?

ToxicHaste (5)

@Brendan23 I think maybe a Adventure Game, have you ever seen Indiana Jones, I think u should try something like that but don't rush it

ToxicHaste (5)

@Brendan23 Text based to begin with

ToxicHaste (5)

@Brendan23 Then start working towards the games where u can see the characters